We would like to show you this time the perfect kit for all your sliding doors available in all our finishes.

KIT-R20 (with round rose) allows you to lock the sliding doors and moreover allows also to open the door from outside in case of a domestic accident occurs.

A stylish and a versatile kit that depending on its finish may fit to any room ambiance.

Sliding door kit


Lock kit + turn and realease + round flush pull

  • Strike plate of 20mm. In the pocket of the lock we avoid changing the drill from 20 to 16 mm, every door will have the same front lock of 20 mm.


  • A highest margin of error is allowed in the mechanization of the lock box because of the 20mm front lock.


  • Diameter to fit inset handles : 48mm
  • Exterior diameter of inset handles : 56mm
  • Depth of inset handles : 8mm


  • Diameter to fit round flush : 25mm
  • Exterior diameter of round flush : 29mm
  • Depth of round flush : 19mm



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