Handles on plate


manivelas con placa (002)

Door handle on plate is characterized by its appearance, it is larger than the rose ones but its large shape doesn´t come by chance, its purpose is to protect the door from the daily use of the handle.

Reducing any imperfection is another advantage of the handles on plate as we can use the door handle where was a different one before and cover or disguise  the imperfections on the door.

Concerning door handles on plate any style may fit, colonial, rustic, nordic or classic.

handle on plate 2

In one style or another we recommend you to consider the space or room you are going to install your new door handle, paying attention to shapes and finishes of the objects and furniture you have in so you can choose the most suitable door handle.

A recommendation to the Scandinavian or Nordic style homes is to employ the matt black or white finishing on the door handle on plate.

handle on plate 3

With Jandel´s door handles you will be able to combine almost any plate with the handle you most like, choosing the finish you want. These door handles have been treated carefully to get an amazing finishing.

For the entrance doors a keyhole can be incorporated on the plate to open and close the door.

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