Knobs and more knobs

knobs and more knobs

Door knobs are conceived for those doors needed from privacy, due to many of them are accompanied by a keyhole from where we will open it up or push it. They are stylish and robust.

Most of our knobs have been created for the main entrance doors so they give an added value to the house aesthetic and allow a more pleasant entrance.

According to your home style and your entrance door and façade we will choose a knob for our way in.

Below these lines find some geometric knobs, as square knobs or round ones.

square knobs

Rustic decoration is also one of the most recurrent styles, scratched or shabby furniture are in our homes so our advice is to focus on finishing more than in models. Finishes as antique, english bronze, matt nickel, matt brass or even satin chrome would be perfect!!!

Vintage decoration, the events or old time memories are always present, especially with the ornaments.

This style will need classic knobs models as shown below

Scandinavian design is the best proposal to get a simple, comfortable and lively decoration. To this style we will look for plainer knobs and serious finish as nickel matt or chrome.

Hope this post help to you to take care and improve each little detail at home.

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