Because first sight matters… Choose your door handle!

puerta fondo habitacion

The first impression you get from a house comes from the entrance hall and all its accessories. We are in front of the door and it introduce us to what we will find behind it, the door handle melts with the door and gives it a touch of personality. We will create one or another effect depending on how we combine both of them.

We are about to come in, the door handle talks to us,its touch, its finishing, its shape and its weight give us an idea of which we will find across the door.

The first thing we keep in mind is the door typology. These can be sliding or folding doors, they would need privacy or not.

The sliding doors need pull handles, metal ones will perfectly combine with crystal doors.

Folding doors, perfect for rooms that privacy is needed such as bathrooms or the main room may be combined with handles in plate that it looks more elegant and classic as it fits in the plate the keyhole. The plates can be also used to avoid imperfections as well as the 65mm rose.

Roses are a very nice option in case we want to give a touch of trendiness and are available in round and square shapes. Jandel take care about the rose depending on the door handle you choose and that’s why we use to recommend a rose for a door handle, however we give you the chance to fit the plate or rose you want.

Knobs are used on the entrance doors as these opened up with a key and we push them from the knob.

Light doors light up the space, if the doors are lacquered or they are white will perfectly combine with door handles in satin chrome, combined or polish, matt nickel or silver finishing. 

acabados 1

In case the door design or the interior room has a rustic, classic or colonial style, you may choose between bright polish, satin polish, matt brass, bronze or english bronze, antiqued, brown and porcelain.

acabados 2

Door handles in bright or polish finishing tends to get dirty easily so we better use them in less frequented areas or cleaning them up more often. Nevertheless, chrome finishing looks amazing on the right door.

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