ISO 9001:2015

Jandel is a company specialized in the ironmongery field and therefore the steps we take from the design, going through production, delivery and a final internal follow-up will lead us to an efficient management.

That’s why the door handles, pull handles, knobs, accessories  we offer you from Jandel are in good hands.


ISO 9001

ISO 9001:2015 specifies requirements for a quality management system when an organization needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and also aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.


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Jandel has recently added a stainless steel line for our door handles and accesories models. A wide range of door doorhandles, pull handles, knobs and all kind of accesories made of one of the most resistant material. Bit by bit our Inox family will increase in our catalogue offer.Dia-del-agua-jandel




First it was chrome, then nickel finishes. But today, anything goes… Black is back to provide a contrast to your decoration , also satin brass is very popular on these days and of course, two-tones finishes are recently new and look very stylish.

All these three finishes are topping the charts right now. It will depend on your needs and tastes which of them is for you!!

Here you have some of our models on those finishes so you can choose from one of them.


3013 black
3013 black
1080 antique bronze
1080 satin brass
3032 cc
3032 chrome combined


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Handles for your dutch doors

On this occasion we would like to “introduce” you one our favorite sort of doors. Of course, with their door handles included…

We are talking about Dutch or half doors, often seen on the entrance door but also availabe for the interior ones.

Half door work great in different areas of a house, you can create an open access for a private space using them.

As we always like to tell you from Jandel, here you can find the perfect handle to match your doors.

Here you have half doors with their handles. Hope they inspire you!


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We would like to show you this time the perfect kit for all your sliding doors available in all our finishes.

KIT-R20 (with round rose) allows you to lock the sliding doors and moreover allows also to open the door from outside in case of a domestic accident occurs.

A stylish and a versatile kit that depending on its finish may fit to any room ambiance.

Sliding door kit


Lock kit + turn and realease + round flush pull

  • Strike plate of 20mm. In the pocket of the lock we avoid changing the drill from 20 to 16 mm, every door will have the same front lock of 20 mm.


  • A highest margin of error is allowed in the mechanization of the lock box because of the 20mm front lock.


  • Diameter to fit inset handles : 48mm
  • Exterior diameter of inset handles : 56mm
  • Depth of inset handles : 8mm


  • Diameter to fit round flush : 25mm
  • Exterior diameter of round flush : 29mm
  • Depth of round flush : 19mm






C209 diff finishes


First impressions are crucial and in decoration, the entryway is what usually gives the first impression of your home.

However, I would go further on that, to come into the hall you first have to go through the front door and that is what gives you the first impression.

Because of that Jandel would like to show you our knobs for your entrance door, as you will see we have available different designs and a wide range of finishes.

front door knobs

Finally, we would like to show you another chance, use the same colour tone for the knob as you have in your doors. Take a look!

C210 black




1054 SC

Not so many years ago our choices on the ¨door handles field¨ were reduced to almost nothing, big and classic door handles on plates or just knobs.

Nowdays, as in many others commercial or business fields our chance of choosing has grown exponentially. That is why we would like to show you some photos with different models that Jandel may offer you.

roses and plates

Here you will find round and squres roses, different plates in shape and size and finally the little ones used for the windows.

just plates

In further posts we will go deeply through each of them. Please, feel free to let us know which one you are more interested in!!!



Big size pull handles

When we talk about big size pull handles we refer to those models on which different lengths are available.

In this case we would like to highlight our model C320, the assembly system is called SLIK ASSEMBLY SYSTEM and you can find it combined with crystal and just plain in a wide range of finishes.


In this model measures range goes from 200mm (center distance) to 500mm, going through 250mm, 300mm, 400mm aswell.



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65 mm roses

In this post we will show you one of our less known products: 65mm diameter round roses. They are just a little bigger than the usual ones but, what do we use them for?

It is possible that when you change your door handles you find out some flaws or slots that you want to cover and you don´t know how to do it…. with these roses you will be able to cover almost any imperfection.

Or perhaps you just choose them because you like them!! Take a look!!


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